She's alive!

Bud sadly my days are filled with work and more
work, but hopefully I will get some time off real soon
to work on my freebies.

What I woud love to know though is what do you guys
want to read about? Do you want to see more of my
scrapbook projects, tutorials, freebies, more real life
posts, photos etc?

please let me know because I would LOVE to know!
♥ XoXo ♥

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  1. I would like to have more tutorials and freebies. I love yout tickets and I have used them for christmascard. Your paper with thanks, hello etc I have also used for cards and the one with a phone symbol I have used on a layout. So please keep creating :)

    Love Lena

  2. Hi - I agree with Wanel - more tutorials and freebies. I saw the link to your freebies in a french scrapbooking magasin on our vacation, and they are fantastic, thanks a lot. I will be looking forward....

  3. I love your card and page samples. Being one who is creatively challenged I appreciate all that you do for us. And to chime in with the other ladies, love the tutorials and freebies.
    Thank you,

  4. I would love tutorials and You showing your works and ideas in scrapbooking. Freebies are lovely too, thanks for those!

  5. Hi there,
    Thanks for sharing the great images. I would love to see some more tutorials on how to use the images.

    I had look at your other blog but sadly I can't read your native language lol.

    Best wishes,


I love comments even more than hugs ♥

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