Christmas Card - Home for Christmas

Did you get started on your x-mas cards yet?
I'm super excited about the holidays, and we already
got snow here in Sweden!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. Love it the little house is fab.
    Chris x

  2. Hi Miss CutiePie

    First I must say I love your blogs! Yes you read right! I read both your blogs! I've live in Sweden some od 10 years ago! I love Sweden and I love the snow! I just saw you have already snow up there!
    I have startet making my Christmas Cards however they are not as fancy/beautiful as yours! I have first startet this hobby this summer!
    When are you moving into your new house? Or have you already moved? We just bought a house and I'm looking forward to getting my own krea room!

    Hugs Mie

    Ps. My blogs is very new and haven't been writing for a while. I've been ill! :o)

  3. Je viens de découvrir votre blog
    et je vous dis merci pour toutes les bonnes idées que j'y trouve.
    J'écris de France....
    Bon dimanche !

  4. Du är väl en riktig Darling! Tack snälla för allt. Har nu startat en blogg och länkar till dig där! Kram / AngelScrap XOXO


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